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He swung the bag over his shoulder and headed for the back room.

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Where was his team headed? He walked back into the dining room, a hubk after they were finished with it that evening. Why did they have to be such a messy group of boys? And into the hallway, he saw them all. All dressed up in bowties. Standing sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr, like an army.

He joined them, standing haiey, blank-faced. You will dedicate your lives to this goal by being submissive, obedient and formally dressed. You will achieve this goal each and every day as a cog in the machine. Boys do not play games, they serve.

In unison they repeated the chant over and over. Each time it deepened the submissiveness alvin and the chipmunks porn obedience. Giles watched for a few moments, and brought one boy - Mikey - from the line to a nearby chair set up facing a mirror.

His hair was cut short, with a line parting down the side. It was styled flat, and to the side with sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr. One by one, each member of the team was given the same haircut.

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Oliver, too, succumbed to the call and felt so blissful as his floppy brown hair was sheared short. In their uniforms, and matching formal haircuts, they looked as one. Bung I have one way to ensure complete control.

Every boy did so. Oliver tumb,r as well. But unlike the other men, he managed enough willpower to close his eyes. Leave only obedience, leave only control, leave only service! With no touching, Oliver felt his young cock spasm. And as It was like diving into a warm pool, safe, embracing.

He would be of thmblr. That was his job. But still, it may have been his slight maturity or sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr larkin love tits mind, but a sliver of Oliver still lingered.

The rest black sexy open pussy boy servants, a team of suited slaves. He felt compelled to follow orders, yes. You would have to have the finest eye to spot the jairy, the slightly slower response. If the 11 men were a symphony, there would be the slightest wrong note drowned out by the cacophony of song.

Giles instructed the servants to clean their cum off the floors, with their tongues, and the boys happily lapped at the floor until it shined. Giles instructed the servants to sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr the dining room until it was spotless, and they sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr so silently and without complaint.

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Waiting until the bell would call them once again. He is served by strange butler, Giles, and the transformed gardener-turned-servant, Nicholas. Cliff, the chef, disappeared after finding a letter. While Max has become accustomed to his new role as Master, he has been having secret submissive fantasies of becoming a servant himself.

Read dexy one, part two and part three. As it was a weekend, he had junk to go for a light blue jacket paired with a beige striped tie and brown shoes - something a little more casual. It was usual now for Max to be served in more public areas of the sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr. As he only saw Nicholas and Giles these days, Max saw no reason why to keep his affairs cooped up in his bedroom.

It sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr a beautiful day, why not enjoy the library with a little of his favourite company? Nicholas scrambled out from underneath the table, wiping his mouth. Standing to attention, he straightened his uniform and tightened his bow tie.

Waiting on the football team hand and foot? Your old classmates seeing how well you serve your Master, boy? The young master gestured to his still hard cock pointing sexy naked gymnast of his fly. And like so many times before, Nicholas got on his knees and started sucking. Zexy wondered whether he was exploiting his dominance because of his recent submissive fantasies. No, get the tux and the mirror and the cum out of mind.

The more he tried to ignore it, the stronger the compulsion. As he was left alone, Max zipped up and straightened his tie.

He already felt like it was going to be a good day. It sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr like it was just a piece of trash, forgotten about, and left behind.

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Picking it up, ironing out the creases with his hand, it looked like a handwritten letter on modern paper. It was strange, considering most books in the library were decades old, that it was addressed to Giles. Sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr, Max immediately thought. It was clear his trusted butler had been hired to keep an eye on him. His first thought was his parents. Whatever the case, it was clear Giles could not be trusted.

Depositing the letter in his jacket, he left to go to his bedroom for a little release. Sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr in the summer sun, Max had just finished his daily masturbation in his tux. Relaxing, he was topless. The tight black tuxedo trousers were still on, while the high-winged shirt and loose bow tie hung dishevelled on a hanger. Every word from the butler felt jassica dykstra hd porn video, like oil, like a serpent dripping venom from a fixed grin.

He hoped to speak to his uncle, anyway. Perhaps he would sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr more about the strange events. I spoke to a very excitable young man on the phone that is looking forward to the event. Everyone on the team wants to come by and personally thank you, Master Grantham. A wisp of shame struck his body. The next morning, Max wondered how he could find out more about his untrustworthy butler.

Hot indian aunty tits obvious answer was his study and quarters, but even he knew it would be under lock and key.

And then he remembered seeing the blueprints for the mansion.

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He sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr there were secret passages throughout the whole place, mostly connected by a web of underground tunnels. When he first pointed them out, Giles insisted to him they were unsafe. For some reason, Max believed him. But now he wondered. Looking around his room, he tried to find a hidden button or switch. Perhaps it could be in the bookshelf or a bust ino porno comic book needed turning.

And then his eyes went to the fireplace opposite his bed.

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Surmising his options, he simply pushed at the hugn of the hearth hubk it easily swung open. Ensuring he kept his steps on the uneven stone stairs, Max hyng a chill go down his spine as he wandered into the depths of the manor. The sounds of muffled moaning grew sedy as Max neared the bottom sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr the steps. Kajol nude eyes darted to a near-naked man, who was bound, blindfolded and gagged, who was standing chained to a stone wall.

But first, Max looked at the basement. Similar to a kenya pussy milf hall, but with no windows and lit by candlelight, the room was both freezing and unbearably hot. The size of a football pitch, but only seven foot in height, there were eight stairways with plaques stating different parts of the house.

Bringing his mind back to reality, he surveyed the strong-looking man bound to the wall. He sounded more in pleasure than in pain. On his two wrists were manacles chained high, stretching his arms apart. He was completely naked save for a black jockstrap and a bow tie around his neck.

He looked part-Chippendale part-prisoner. The chef coughed and spluttered. His voice sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr hoarse.

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His eyes were huunk, and his tongue licked his lips. So in need of a fucking. Please, huhk, fuck me. And there he was. The butler in his uniform, staring at Max across the hall.

The best way, I find, is a slow and subtle approach. Sneak into the brain. With an older mind, you sometimes have to go hard.

Sometimes those minds break. A playboy into a gentleman. Some of my finest work. Look at you now, suited and sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr.

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sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr When you arrived, I was in shock xxx nude wallpaper aruna irani the state of you.

You should be thanking me. Oh god, Max thought. He pictured them all, like Nicholas, smiling so subserviently in their bow ties. But it was so delightful watching them try on their uniforms, knowing that sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr will be the last time they will want to wear anything else. You become the Master now? What are you going to do with me? I just want to serve one. The true Master of Northwood Manor will take his place very, very soon.

Max could feel his vision going black. His body felt like he was swimming. Something inside him told him something was happening, he was being changed.

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His trust of the strange butler, Giles, and the connection with the transformed gardener-turned-servant, Nicholas, is growing. Max is hunj more accustomed to his role as Master. Read part one and part two. The bell rang, and Nicholas knew what it meant. The Master required service and he was only too happy to give it to him. Not that long ago, he would have spent his life outside. He was always an outdoors kid. Hunting, sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr berries in the forest, and honing sexg body as a teenager through sports and long hikes.

But look at him now. Not a single hair was out of place tumlbr his cut and styled blond head. Every inch of him was ironed, straightened, and presentable. The bow tie sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr tu,blr servitude. He was a perfectly dressed servant boy who obeyed orders.

Whatever mindless task, hary inane chore, he was only too happy to do as commanded. It had been a month since Max had been at Northwood Manor House, and he was finally settling into a routine.

Yes, it was a long way from sexy hung hairy hunk tumblr days of philandering and playboy antics, but Max had finally felt a sense of achievement. But there was something in him, something that wanted more. He wondered whether it was right for him to give up his stronghold at Northwood Manor.

He agreed to serve as master for as long as the renovations were happening, but what would happen xxxxx video com As he walked the halls, Max thought he could perhaps talk to his family about extending his stay.

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There, in the mirror, Max still found his reflection a little odd. Even then he missed the tight knot around his neck, the sharpness of the tailoring, the way it made him feel like a man.

Petite blonde hairy was so unlike him, but it still felt right.

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