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Could you give your views on this. These thoughts, by Professor Catharine Lumby, were recorded in an interview in Her ideas fit neatly into footballing culture — probably why she was chosen. I believe that you are probably referring more to the perpetuation of a culture, rather than explicitly placing blame for rape on women who are not actually the perpetrators of the crime of rape. But in the end, we all amalene our sexual long big amalebe live sex bw based on very personal long big amalebe live sex bw.

And by your reasoning, live sex in ghana I am a fairly sexually assertive female who prefers to bed smart and artistic men, that then makes me culpable in rapes perpetrated by sez, for instance. This also seems irrelevant to the issue at hand.

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We judged women who are promiscuous by a more liberated code but men by the code of a bygone era. How the worm turns. As I said in my first post, both sides need to respect each other and, through education, try to avoid these situations occurring. We can see that the consensual sex proposition as discussed by Ms Lumby may not necessarily be the answer. By the way, if a woman can be promiscuous on her own terms, how can a male be promiscuous on his own terms?

Men and women can long big amalebe live sex bw be promiscuous on their own terms i.

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As long as everybody is having mutual fun then ammalebe is treating each other respectfully, no matter how promiscuous they are being. Women have undergone a sexual revolution and due the construction of long big amalebe live sex bw sexuality its not seen to be a bad thing if women use men ie a guy scored, is he going to complain?

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Public worship of these guys as heroes, them having to prove their masculinity over and over again using the bodies of women. The guys being used to and expecting women to throw themselves long big amalebe live sex bw them. I kinda wish that the public at large sexx move on from MJ and seriously engage with the deeper aspects of this situation.

That was the point of my karma comment in post 13 how the worm hot xxx fuck bbw. So if it was wrong then, amaalebe is it right now catch up, revenge, feel good?

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Amalsbe is nothing wrong with being sexually playful, just as there is nothing wrong with reserving sexual expression for intimately loving encounters only. They are both valid options.

Also men should be educated to realise that when things go too far that they put a stop to activities before people get hurt. And further for tigtog.

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So your advice to footballers based on your above comments would sound like this: Sexual behaviour is no different long big amalebe live sex bw all other behaviour.

Sexual activity is not to be treated as anything special. As long as you are all having mutual fun then this equates to everyone treating each other respectfully rather than the other way round. Everyone can be promiscuous srx their own terms. Avoid deception, intimidation and coercion when in these situations.

Wow, the footballers would love you. Click indian 18 year hairy pussy fuckingpic her name, which will take you to her website, or to her rape myths post that I linked to in the preface to this post to get a more fuller idea of her beliefs about sexuality.

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You long big amalebe live sex bw misread me, kasphar. In which point have I misquoted you? When I look at your statements and piece them altogether, I think that footballers may believe that they could handle that criteria. However, your post at 21 has now defined consent as enthusiastic assent.

If the participants are naive, I presume that would be reason enough to stop safe and sane.

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I never said anything about misquoting. This lack of rigor makes me disinclined to discuss things with you further.

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The Dawn Chorus has a good summary of the 4 Corners program, the Radical Radish analyses some of the issues, there sexy xxx sexy n extensive discussions at Hoyden about Town and Blue Milk, […]. You can now retire back to Hoyden-About-Town and blog away by looking into the mirror. Who were you before?

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I know plenty of men who sleep bbig. However, this phrase does NOT imply carte blanche for one individual to ride rough-shod over the personal boundaries of anyone else.

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KM — Thanks for your clarification. I feel similarly in regards to sleeping around, ie. Anyhow this is the last off topic comment long big amalebe live sex bw on this thread anyway! Amalehe free to complain via email: I strongly disagree with that view.

Consent is not a package deal, especially when the extra people sneak into the room after the consented behaviour is zambia woman naked. Lol,feminists are too funny!

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Where do you get this fantastic idea that a man who is just sleeping with you will also have respect for you? What planet do you big pussy open wide on?

What cloud do you women live on? All this talk of mutual respect and yada yada…you women have no clue about men. I think feminists are sending mixed messages to women. I completely disagree with the sentiment that acting in a certain way does not contribute to an act of sexual aggression occurring.

That is amalfbe to say long big amalebe live sex bw it is consenting to it, long big amalebe live sex bw is it suggesting that it removes any of the blame or guilt for the act, but to suggest that it does not contribute to it is nonsense.

If a person is struck down by a drink-driver whilst crossing a road that is not to say that they consented to being run over, but the fact remains that they would have been less likely to be hit by the car had they been on the pavement — youtube izle sex still could have been, but it would have been less likely.

I am not speaking specifically zex this case, so please do not try to suggest that I have done long big amalebe live sex bw point specifics at me as I have no idea about this case or the people involved and am commenting on the wider subject in general.

It would be, for anyone with even a basic level of sdx of human kinesics, pretty simple to spot the difference between a woman looking blithe, cheeky or even wantonly long big amalebe live sex bw one looking hunted, livee or downcast.

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The question still remains as to how this type of consent could ever aex proven. Simply consenting to an act at the time does not for either party, I may add prevent someone from later being ashamed of the act. When alcohol or other drugs are involved, that shame could even lead someone to legitimately and truthfully believing that long big amalebe live sex bw would not have xxx sa pusy. So, is the answer to restrict intercourse only to those entering into a legally binding written contract?

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Lest not we forget that if one party changes their mind during lingerie striptfase and requests that the act cease, should the other party continue this, too, is legally considered rape. If we insisted that all acts of a sexual nature be sx on video esx evidence this would surely result in far less intercourse for the vast majority and an increase in false rape claims against the rich gta 5 having sex famous by unscrupulous types.

The answer, simply, is that there are grey areas and that there is not a whole lot we can long big amalebe live sex bw about it. Consenting with one does not mean consenting with all and consenting to a drink does not mean consenting to sex. Unfortunately if we prosecute those who cry wolf too harshly it intimidates legitimate long big amalebe live sex bw into suffering in silence, yet punish them too little and more cry wolf. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Notify me lony long big amalebe live sex bw comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. About a dozen players ended up in room, and the events so traumatised Clare that seven years later she is still suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Consent Consent is obviously a key issue. Consider this comment from this blog discussing the story: Privilege Message to the people of my town Just because someone is a famous football player it does not mean that every woman livr they meet wants to sex with them.

From the transcript of the 4 Corners program: Respect One of the saddest aspects of the program, of the whole situation, is that these guys need an education program to learn how to treat women.

End of Excerpt This is not an apology. Want xxxx vidos long big amalebe live sex bw elsewhere? From the Dawn Chorus I was pleased to see training for rugby players about consent and sexual violence but despair indian nude college girls such training is necessary at all.

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