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List of banned films

Best Free Teen Porn Sites. Top Teen Webcam Sites. Best Teen Porn Movies Sites. Naked Teen Porn Pics. Teen Titans Porn Sites. Banned due to it being an "apology for pedophilia". Privarzaniyat balon The Tied Up Balloon. Banned during the Communist era for criticizing the communist leaders during World War Two. Banned over dark hair hairy teen pussy "juxtaposition of the colors yellow and red", which is seen as support for rebel groups.

Banned for negative portrayals of Burmese soldiers. The Wolf of Wall Street. Fifty Shades of Grey. Banned for "insane romance, numerous sex sequence, the use of violence during sex" and for being "entirely related to sexual matters that are too extreme for Khmer society". Banned list of indonesian models who have sex videos its "negative portrayal of local culture".

Banned for portraying Cambodia as a base for the movie's antagonists. Banned under the regime of Mao Zedong for containing "propaganda of superstitious beliefs, namely Christianity. Banned upon initial release. Banned because of time travel. Banned upon initial release, but lifted in Life on a String Raise the Red Lantern Banned upon initial release, released three years later. Banned for being "offensive". Its director, Tian Zhuangzhuangreceived a year ban from making films.

Banned for a while due to its homosexual themes and negative portrayal of communism. After the film gained acclaim in other countries and won the Palme d'Or in Cannes, list of indonesian models who have sex videos was allowed screening in China too. Banned due to its critical portrayal of various policies and campaigns of the Communist government. In addition, its director, Zhang Yimouwas banned from filmmaking for two years. The Sent Down Girl. Devils on the Doorstep.

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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Banned for its unflattering depictions of Chinese society never given permission to screen. The Da Vinci Code. Banned because of blasphemous content.

Banned for a line suggesting that the government intends to use nuclear weapons on Taiwan a sensitive political issue — never given permission to screen [60].

Banned for being "too violent" list of indonesian models who have sex videos director Derek Yee refused to beautiful gand photos xxx this content down. Banned for the depiction of prophets. Banned upon initial release due to explicit content.

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Banned self-inflicted by the Taiwanese distributor in order to not have to deal with angry parents mistaking it as a family-friendly movie. Banned without a reason given.

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The documentary is about Congolese gynaecologist Denis Mukwegewhose hospital treats rape victims. Banned under the Communist regime for depicting a restrictive environment, which was list of indonesian models who have sex videos to living under the regime. Banned under the Communist regime for "depicting the wanton". A Report on the Party and the Guests. Banned under the Communist regime from to because the film is an allegory of totalitarian regimes.

After a short release during the Prague Springit was banned again for the next twenty years. Banned by the Czech Communist government in for its satire of the East European communist system.

Banned by the Czech Communist government. Birds, Orphans and Fools. Banned by the Czech Communist government for depicting three people orphaned by political violence and trying to mentally survive, despite not being free. Banned list of indonesian models who have sex videos the Czech Communist government from until because this black comedy ghana girl nude porn a crematorium director who enjoys burning people and sides with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

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Apart from this theme, the story can be interpreted for remaining round ass porn gif to individual morality, something that was a dangerous message. Banned under the Lis regime from until the fall of the regime in Banned by the Czech Communist government untilbecause the story depicts a couple who think they are under government surveillance.

Banned by the Czech Communist government for its shocking content. Case for a Rookie Hangman. Banned by the List of indonesian models who have sex videos government for depicting life in Czechoslovakia in a critical light. Its director, Jan Svankmajerwas banned from working for five years.

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When the ban was lifted, he was only allowed to make adaptations of literary works. Banned by the Czech Communist government after its director, Jan Svankmajermzansi high black schools girls show of pussy to change anything about the film.

Government censors objected to its mockumentary tone, which could undermine peoples' faith in the TV news. Svankmajer himself was banned from making films for eight years. Banned because the Communist government censors didn't list of indonesian models who have sex videos its criticism of consumerism. The ban was more than likely also a result of its director, Jan Svankmajerhaving been banned twice before in the past.

Banned initially in because the censors deemed the film "too macabre". Banned by the East-German Communist government for its criticism of everyday life in the country.

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While not directly referring to politics it still was perceived as dangerous criticism of the system. The film remained banned until Germany was unified again in Banned by the East-German Communist government for its criticism of the regime.

Banned by the East-German Communist government. Banned by list of indonesian models who have sex videos East-German Communist government because of its theme where a young Nazi lives sexx fear of the approaching Russian army. Even kenyan fat big pussy the Russians are eventually portrayed in a sympathetic light, the plot was too controversial, especially three years after the Prague Spring.

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Streisand's political support for Israel at the height of tensions between Egypt and Israel was also a factor.

Banned right after screening the film in cinemas, after criticism over scenes deemed sexually provocative.

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The movie was criticized for copying Giuseppe Tornatore 's movie Malena starring Italian actress Monica Bellucci. Banned out of fear of inciting a Communist revolution.

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Banned during World War II. Banned for its depiction of cracking security safes. The government feared it might inspire copycat crimes. The ban was lifted after lily collins nude years. Banned for 21 years. Banned for 24 years due to its political satire, which could offend their ally and neighbouring country, the Soviet Union.

Finland had a policy of Finlandization. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. Banned by the Finnish Board of Film. Director of the Finnish Board of Film, Jerker Eeriksson, said list of indonesian models who have sex videos the banning of the film was political because it harmed the Finnish-Soviet relationship.

Banned because of graphic violence. Live girl india xxx on its initial release. Banned on its initial release until a law change in when it automatically reverted to a K18 adults only classification. A considerably shortened version was allowed in with a K16 classification allowed for persons over the age of The House on the Edge of the Park.

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Banned for violence in ; it took six years after the film's release for any distributorto even try to get a classification. A law change in finally lifted the ban.

Banned huge black ass big hips pics for moral, mental health and appropriateness reasons. The banning renewed again in with the defined exception of two specific screenings by the Finnish Film Archive. Finally a law change in removed the ban. Banned on Feb for violence and mental health reasons. The distributor challenged the banning and took the decision to ban to Finnish Supreme administrative Court which ruled against banning.

After minor cuts, it was banned again. A second round of court cases again, won by the distributor forced the banning authorities to allow the film to be distributed.

They did so list of indonesian models who have sex videos only long lips pussy mandatory cuts of over three minutes. Finally in Jan the butchered film premiered in Finland.

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Banned on Jan for its violence and for political reasons. A court appeal to Finnish Supreme administrative Court decided against the banning after some cuts would be made and authorities were forced to dismantle the ban with more cuts and the movie premiered in late Dec after a struggle of almost a year.

Banned on its initial release in for violence and content which could potentially be hazardous to mental health. The decision to ban was sexy ladies pussy show taken to highest available court which did not lift the ban. A second round of banning was then seen in and the government officials used the same exact phrasing in their decision to ban as was done 14 years earlier. The ban was finally automatically lifted after a law change in Banned for violence list of indonesian models who have sex videos 4 months until a cut version around 2 minutes of cuts was allowed with a classification of K18 adults only.

Banned due to fears that it could inspire revolution. Banned in Paris by the police prefect "in the name of public order. Banned because of a plot where list of indonesian models who have sex videos take over a repressive school. The ban remained in effect under Nazi occupation for the same reason.

Banned from untilbecause the film was produced under the Nazi regime with financial support too. It was also seen as a negative portrayal of French people and accused of harboring sympathies for the Vichy regime. After two years, however, the ban was lifted again. Banned for criticizing the French colonial rule. Les statues meurent aussi Statues Also Die.

List of indonesian models who have sex videos because it suggested that Western civilization is responsible for the decline of African art. The film was seen at the Cannes Film Festival inbut subsequently banned by the French censor. Banned due to it controversial criminal content. Released after two years in a censored version.

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Banned due to a technicality in copyright laws on order of the estate of composer George Bizet on whose opera Carmen the film was based. Banned for representing dockers who refused to dispatch military inronesian for use in the Indochina War. Banned in France for two decades because of its critical depiction of the French army during World War I.

Banned on political grounds; the ban was lifted in with re-editing. Banned list of indonesian models who have sex videos two years because it depicts a soldier during World War II who has conscientious objections. The Battle of Algiers. Banned for six years because of its pro-Algerian and anticolonial message.

Banned for advocating pornography. Banned for its violent and sadistic content. Banned for criticizing the colonial system. Banned from French cinema screens in after being given an X-rating. Banned on February 3, over sexual and violent content, despite being allowed on its initial indian teen porn models nude in The ban was a result of the Catholic traditionalist pressure group Promouvoir who wanted the 16 rating to be reclassified to prevent minors from seeing it.

A French court ruled in their favor. As a new certificate is being decided the film is now banned from all cinemas, TV broadcast and video release. Anders als die Andern Different from the Others.


Banned due to homosexual themes. During the s, it was restricted for viewing to doctors and medical researchers only. Retrieved 2 August The Avengers XXX ". She-Hulk XXX ". John Leslie opens up about how false rape claims ruined list of indonesian models who have sex videos life". Retrieved 24 April CBS News March 30, vudeos Archived from the original kenyan milf pussy 18 Llst World Entertainment News Network.

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