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She rubbed her clit spreading her legs wide, her finger moved in circles occasionally slipping in the wet hole. Slow moans escaped her mouth as she neared climax. Ravi was sitting in his office typing the findings on his latest indiwn about medicinal fungi when he felt a bit tired and took a break. He called lola midget porn gallery his office peon Hemal Rai Dorji and asked him to bring a cup of coffee.

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He was a bit skeptical initially that he was eleven years older to her but the age difference never proved to be a problem nor did the average cock size that he has, proved to be a problem. He knew that she was a virgin at the time of marriage as she howled with pain even with indian housewife bathing nude average size cock he had and she learned everything about sex gradually with him. Although he was also a novice but the two explored each other. Ravi always found her an innocent little girl and he had no idea of her fetish, even when he witnessed a salesman having a peek of her creamy boobs.

They were out shopping and happened indian housewife bathing nude be in a shoe store. Malti was trying a sandal and Ravi was busy with his daughter who was running around the shop.

He was at some distance and saw his wife sitting on the stool bending forward adjusting the sandal and the salesman sitting on the floor in front of her.

Even though he was at some distance but he can also clearly see the cleavage deep down. He looked at the salesman and found him indian housewife bathing nude at the site before him in an awe. It looked like she was presenting her delicious globs on platter to the salesman. But before he could act he saw her straightening and pulling back the saree on her breasts. Ravi looked around to see if anyone else was watching but found none as the only other shopper, a lady and was facing away.

He found that his heartbeat increased and he was feeling aroused. He was distracted when Rini pulled her hand and took him to a rack to point out at a shoe she wanted. For some time he was busy with her and when he looked again at Malti he found that she was busy with yet another shoe.

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From the look of the salesman he was sure that he is getting a delicious view. Malti kept on trying indianerinnen sandals and shoes and continued to expose her boobs to the ogling eyes of salesman.

Ravi wanted to warn Malti but he was feeling aroused watching his innocent wife unknowingly expose herself in front of this man.

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Later in the night he was excited beyond control and mauled her tits, it gives him added pleasure that the salesman could only drool over them while he can have them. Rini excitedly started narrating whatever happened at school and continued during the lunch indian housewife bathing nude. After the lunch Malti put houseaife to bed for the afternoon nap and she too slept for two hours with her.

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Ravi returned around seven and Rini immediately jumped in his lap and animatedly started telling about her day. Malti was busy in the kitchen preparing the dinner. Later in the night when Ravi came to bedroom after los simpson comic xxx gay Rini to bed he found Malti was indian housewife bathing nude a flimsy nighty which was reaching just below her knees.

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Malti swayed and turned a full round displaying her body. Malti continued the teasing by showing glimpses of her body and in between playing with his cock with her tongue until Ravi could take it no more and pulled her onto the bed.

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Malti moaned loudly as he indian housewife bathing nude mounted her. The room was filled with the noises of lovemaking. After sending off her husband and daughter, Malti relaxed in the verandah enjoying the weather girls naked photos on tumblr a hot cup of coffee.

The weather was romantic with clouds in the sky and she was feeling naughty, she thought of going to shopping mall and have some fun with the indian housewife bathing nude. Last time, she remembered the salesman got a deep look at her cleavage, today she thought of wearing a skirt and can let him have some view down her thighs.

The thought sent shivers down her spine and she felt the familiar sensation building inside her.

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Then she thought of her tailor with whom she was so generous that she allowed him to have a feel of her boobs while taking measurement. She remembers that his hands were trembling and a big bulge was visible in his bathong.

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She finished the coffee bathinv was still not able to decide where to go. Finally, it was late and she decided to have a walk in the forest.

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Wearing a jean and a top she locked the house. Langa was as usual working in the lawn and she enquired about his family etc. The sky was partially filled with clouds and the sun was playing hide and seek in the clouds. Malti reached her usual xxxx bollywood. and started to indian housewife bathing nude undress, the cold breeze make her nipples stood erect.

After keeping all her clothes below a tree, she walked naked on the grass slowly playing with her pussy and nipples. She was lost in indian housewife bathing nude fantasies, eyes closed, legs spread wide and two fingers buried deep in her pussy when she heard rustling sound close to her.

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She opened her eyes and saw a indian housewife bathing nude snake was coiled between her spread out legs. Her eyes spread out in fear as she saw him brandish his tongue. Her eyes were fixated on the creature which appeared to be looking at her cunt believing it to be the opening of his pit. Suddenly from nowhere a man appeared beside her, he was holding a stick with which he scooped the snake and sent him flying into the bushes. Malti looked at him for the first time and her heart sank as she recognizes Langa.

Langa was quickly houwewife with her clothes, but sitting indian housewife bathing nude in the woods it felt like eternity for Malti.

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She quickly got up and started to dress. In the haste she tripped while putting the panty on and fell face forward. Langa let her balance indian housewife bathing nude and watched as she quickly dressed and rushed towards home.

Malti almost ran to her home.

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She was looking behind to see if Langa was following her but he was not to be seen. By the time she reached home she was able to regain some of her composure. She sat on the couch and tried to catch her breath. The more she thought about it, the more foolish she felt and she cursed herself for being such a stupid ass.

Now the whole idea of getting naked in the jungle seems so absurd, she always thought that nelly furtado naked would know indian housewife bathing nude someone is approaching and could hide or something, but she never expected what happened ibdian.

Malti spent the afternoon locked in the house indian housewife bathing nude thinking about the incident. She shivered at the thought that Langa must be boasting about this to his friends and that he has touched her naked body almost hugged her. She was lost in her thoughts and housewifee forgot to pick up houssewife daughter from bus stop. Rini was chirping as usual as she walked her home, however Malti was quiet and was looking as if everyone around knows her dark secret.

By evening she was restless again. It was time for Rini to go out in the park and play with her friends and Malti usually accompany her. While Rini played, hpusewife uses to chat indian housewife bathing nude other ladies in the park. But today she was not interested in chatting, her eyes were looking for Langa.

She knew he must be working in some other bungalow. induan

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She casually walked on looking into the lawns of other bungalows for any sign of Langa. Then she spotted him cleaning a flower bed.

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After sometime she heard hurried footsteps indian housewife bathing nude her. She cannot look him into eyes and continued to walk. Malti relaxed feeling the sincerity in his voice and also that he was behaving respectfully as he used to. Not a cheap glance or a sleazy comment, as Malti was dreading. Malti first time looked at him closely and found him to be just about her height, indian housewife bathing nude bit shorter for a man, but was sturdy built.

He had strong arms and legs and the facial feature were of southeast Asian with short eyes and flat nose, looked sweet and innocent to her. His ancestors migrated from Bhutan long time back.

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The manual work he did showed in his gaand nude and as she glanced down she saw nudw bulge in his pant. Indian housewife bathing nude thought made her feel ashamed as well as aroused. Langa was so close to her that he can smell her scent, he can feel the heat emanating from her body and he was not able to control himself.

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