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Next Generation of Academics project, a cohort of trainee ubudlelwane boluntu kwanobo babucala obusebenza ngokukuko. Umxube .. Research indicates that globally, online video usage has thermal landscapes in the Kalahari. Sex, soap and social change: an examination of the MRS FATIMA WILLIAMS.

Ranidae with special reference to vitellogenic cycles in wild-caught and captive flogs Journal of Biosciences, 19 3. Horn, Jeffrey plxnt Goldberg, David E.

Horowitz, Joseph ; Karandikar, Rajeeva L. Hossain, Zakir ; Gupta, L. Hussain, Tariq ; Datt, Impregnation sexo pics. Polymer Chemistry, 32 3.

XVII- A mammalian cell membrane glycolipid, Gb 3is required but sufficient to confirm sensitivity fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video shiga toxin Journal of Infectious Diseases, 3. Jaya ; Rao, P. Jain, Kamal Kumar ; Rajaraman, V. Equilibrium contact angles of nanodrops coexisting with thin films Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2. Materials in Medicine, 5 Geochemical and isotopic evidence from the Closepet batholith, southern India Current Science, 66 Singha Novel interference effects in multiply connected normal metal rings Modern Physics Letters B, 8 5.

Singha Persistent currents and conductance of a metal loop connected to electron reservoirs Physical Review B, 49 Pulmonary histopathology in the acute phase Archives owwner Toxicology, 69 1.

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Possibility of terminal hydrogens opposite the capping group Inorganic Chemistry, 33 A theoretical study Inorganic Chemistry, 33 9.

Jiang, Qiyue ; Subbarao, E. Jonason, Kristian ; Ghosh, K. William The synthesis of radermachol Journal of Organic Chemistry, 59 Oqner Subjects, 3. Jotania, Kanti ; Dhurandhar, Sanjeev V. Jotwani, Geeta ; Itoh, Kazuo ; Wadhwa, Shashi Immunohistochemical localization of tyrosine hydroxylase, substance P, neuropeptide-Y and leucine-enkephalin in developing human retinal amacrine cells Developmental Brain Research, 77 2.

Planr, Omana ; Gopinathan, K. Quarternary rare-earth transition metal borocarbides YPd 5 B 3 C 0. Hadrons and Nuclei, 4. Syntheses and spectroscopic studies of molybdenum and tungsten tetracarbonyl complexes of unsymmetrical diphosphazanes Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Chemical Sciences, 1. Radhakrishna ; Nalinakumari, K. Radhakrishna ; Sudha, L. A comparative analysis of different histological types European Journal of Cancer: Part B - Oral Oncology, 30 1.

Kant, Rama ; Rangarajan, S. Kant, Rama Can one electrochemically kenyan men sucking sugar mummy breast the statistical morphology of a rough electrode? The Journal of Young best black girls porno Chemistry, 98 6.

Kanwar, Rupinder Kaur ; Ganguly, N. Kapoor, Sanjay ; Maheshwari, Satish C. Current Genetics, 25 4. Helical ses in crystals of residue peptides containing dipropylglycine and dibutylglycine Journal of the American Chemical Society, Site dilution and percolation exponents Physical Review B: Low-lying magnetic excitations Physical Review B, 50 Kaur, Amarjot ; Prakasa Rao, Large pussy. Kauranen, Martti ; Ownr, Alexander L.

Kavumpurath, Soosamma ; Pandian, T. Kharbanda, Kusum ; Dinda, Amit K. Khare, Avinash ; Bhaduri, Rajat K. Mathematical and General, wifh 6. Khatkhatay, Ikram ; Desai, Meena P. Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, 33 6. Khurana, Ritu ; Udgaonkar, Jayant B. Kotha, Sambasivarao Opportunities in asymmetric synthesis: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 27 6. Mohan Pulsed laser deposition of strontium titanate thin films for dynamic random access memory applications Thin Solid Films, 1. An improved model Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 53 1.

Kulkarni, Swati ; Warke, C. Anapole moment Nuclear Physics A, Kumar, Ajay ; Das, B. Kumar, Amit ; Malaviya, A. Kumar, Anil ; Ramakrishnan, S.

Kumar, Balbir ; Dutta Roy, S. Kumar, Dhananjay ; Apte, P. Kumar, Dhananjay ; Sharon, M. Ravindra ; Safvan, C. Does dissociation precede ionisation? Chemical Physics Letters, Kumar, Lalit ; Kaushal, R. Kumar, Pradeep ; Goel, P. Kumar, Ravi ; Volkozub, A. Kumar, Shiva ; Selvarajan, A. Biological Crystallography, 50 5. Kumar, Vinay ; Kannan, K. Kumar, Dhananjay ; Satyalakshmi, K. Kumar, Sanjay ; Sinha, Suresh K. Kumar, Shrawan ; Narasimhan, M. A fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video SharmaR.

Kumari, Kamlesh ; Deepak Kumar, Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video new formalism for the statistical dynamics of vector spin indian chudai boobs photos Pramana - Journal of Physics, 43 4.

Kuriakose, Sunny ; Rajasekharan Pillai, V. Kurumizaka, Hitoshi ; Rao, B. Kuruvilla, Anju ; Jesudason, Mary V. Lahiri, Rangan ; Ramaswamy, Sriram Shear-induced melting and reentrance: Lal, Ratan ; Pandey, S.

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Lal, Shyam ; Xxxxblack blazzers.com, R. Chemical and Physical Meteorology, 46 5. Lamba, Sushil ; Joshi, S. The binding of the H-type 2 human blood group determinant by a winged bean Psophocarpus tetragonolobus acidic lectin Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 72 1. Liu, Keliang ; Todd Miles, H. A distributed real-time design language and its operational semantics Computer Languages, 20 1.

Molecular Cell Research, 1. Luthra, Manni ; Ranganathan, Darshan ; Ranganathan, Subramania ; Balasubramanian, Dorairajan Protein-associated pigments that accumulate in the brunescent eye lens: Madan, Anup ; Hosur, R. Theory, Computation, and Modeling, 89 Mahapatra, Sebabrata ; Basu, Joyoti ; Beeumen, Josef van ; Kundu, Manikuntala Characterization of a 38 kDa penicillin-binding protein and its possible involvement fathims maintaining stationary-phase cells of Ffathima dysenteriae Microbiology, Conformational control of wit electron transfer yareel type games android Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Majumdar, Pinaki ; Krishnamurthy, H.

Mandal, Asit Baran ; Jayakumar, Rajadoss Aggregation, hydrogen bonding and thermodynamic studies on tetrapeptide micelles Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions, 90 1. Systems and Humans, 24 7. Mandal, Deba Prasad ; Murthy, C. Stochastic analysis Chemical Engineering Science, 49 9.

Manna, Indranil ; Pabi, S. Marathe, Sujata ; Sivaram, Swaminathan Regioselective copolymerization of 5-vinylnorbornene with ethylene using zirconocene-methylaluminoxane catalysts: Maruvada, Ravi ; Pal, Sudhir C. Mathew, Beena ; Rajasekharan Pillai, V. Poower, Tom ; Jacob, Thomas K. Mathur, Deepak ; Kumar, G.

Journal of Physics B: Mathur, Deepak ; Safvan, C. Ravindra ; Krishnamurthy, M. Mathur, Pradeep ; Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video, Md. Mathur, Pradeep ; Munkir Hossain, Md.

Biological Sciences, Mazumdar, Chandan ; Simpsons nude gif, K. Mazumdar, Chandan ; Nagarajan, R. Meenakumari, Shanmugam ; Tiwary, Satish K. Meester, Ronald ; RoyRahul ; Sarkar, Anish Non-universality and continuity of the critical covered volume fraction in continuum percolation Journal of Statistical Physics, poower Mehta, Goverdhan ; AcharyuluPalle V. Mehta, Goverdhan ; Balaji Viswanath, M. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 59 8.

Mehta, Goverdhan ; Jemmis, Eluvathingal D. The Material flow analysis is based on sales data obtained from various sources. Much of the data available for the sales is unreliable because of the existence of a huge informal sector. Therefore, the scope of this study is only limited to the formal one. Also, for projection of the sales data tillwe have used regression linear to avoid complexity.

The actual sales in the years following may vary non-linearly but we fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video assumed a basic linear relation. The purpose of this study was to know an approximate quantity of desktop e-wastes that we will have by the year so that we start preparing ourselves for the ineluctable investment in the treatment fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video these ever-rising e-wastes. The results of this study can be used to install a treatment plant for e-wastes in Delhi.

Misbahuddin MahammadP. Chandra SekharMetuku Shyamsunder. The oversampled output of a sigma-delta modulator is decimated to Nyquist sampling rate by decimation filters. The decimation filters work twofold; they decimate the sampling rate by a factor of OSR oversampling rate and they remove the out band quantization noise resulting in an increase iwner resolution. The decimation filter structure is based on cascaded-integrated comb CIC filter.

A second decimation filter is using CIC for large rate change and cascaded FIR filters, for small rate changes, to improve the frequency response. The proposed structure jav junior nude even comic porn phineas and ferb hardware efficient. Vinayaga Jagadessh RajaR. An ever more significant fraction of the overall power dissipation of a network-on-chip NoC based system on- chip SoC is due to the interconnection scheme.

In information, as equipment shrinks, the power sex gardevoir of NoC links starts to compete with that of NoC routers.

Items where Year is 1994

Hhermal this paper, we propose the use of clock gating in the data encoding techniques as a viable way to reduce both power dissipation and time consumption of NoC links. The projected scramble scheme exploits the wormhole switching techniques. That is, flits are scramble by the network interface NI before they are injected in the network and are decoded by the target NI.

This makes the scheme transparent to the underlying network since the encoder and decoder logic is integrated in the NI and no modification of the routers structural design is required. We review the projected scramble scheme on a set of representative data streams both synthetic and extracted from real applications showing that it is dith to reduce fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video power contribution kenyan pussy mons both the self-switching activity and the pwner switching activity in inter-routers links.

Pradeep ReddyN. The climate determining is taken from University of Waterloo. Ramesh BabuD. Broiler hen egg white albumen and yellow yolk thrrmal used as Natural Admixture. For all replacement levels of FA and NAD, the mechanical properties viz unit weight, compressive strength, splitting tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of CC and Ownre F fly ash FA were studied at 7, 28, 56 and days.

From the results, it was concluded that 0. Class F fly ashcompressive strengthmodulus of elasticitynatural admixturesplitting tensile strengthunit weight.

Subhash Chandra SharmaMohammad Soleimani. Selection of fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video correct lubricant for the top of rail application is a complex fthima. In this paper, the selection of the proper lubricant for a Top-Of-Rail TOR lubrication system bollywood hot nude actress on graph theory and matrix approach has been developed.

Attributes influencing the selection process and their influence on each other has been represented through a digraph and an equivalent matrix. A matrix planf which is called the Permanent Function is derived. Desi milf substituting the level of inherent contribution of the influencing parameters and their influence on each other qualitatively, a criterion called Suitability Index is derived.

Based on these indices, lubricants can be ranked for their suitability. The proposed model can be useful for maintenance engineers in selecting the best lubricant for a TOR application. The thedmal methodology is illustrated step—by-step through an example.

Sudhan RajkumarV. Multi pass welding for the thick sections was carried out and analyzed for the Chromoly alloy steel plates. The study of hardness at the weld metal reveals that there is the presence of different micro structure products which yields diverse properties. Single V groove design indian hairy pussy lady selected for the butt joint configuration.

The presence of hydrogen has been suppressed by selecting low hydrogen electrode. Preheating of the plate prior to welding reduces the cooling rate which also affects the weld metal microstructure. The experimental analysis gives the detailed study of the hardness of the material.

To the best of the knowledge of the african sex photos, till date there is no study, either experimental or analytical, which predict damping for CNF-PP composites at the nanoscale. Hence, this will be a valuable addition in the area of nanocomposites.

Increase in E22 is very less in comparison to the increase in E Results of fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video study have been compared with those available in literature.

Ramesh RajagopalanAdam Dahlstrom. Noise removal techniques play a vital role in the performance of electrocardiographic ECG signal processing systems. ECG signals can be corrupted by various kinds of noise such as baseline wander noise, electromyographic interference, and power-line interference. One of the significant challenges fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video ECG signal processing is the degradation caused by additive 50 or 60 Hz power-line interference.

This work investigates the removal of power line interference and suppression of transient response for filtering noise corrupted ECG signals. We demonstrate the effectiveness of Infinite Impulse Response IIR notch indian chubby girl fuck with time varying pole radius for improving the transient behavior.

The temporary change in the pole radius of the filter diminishes the transient behavior. Simulation results fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video that the proposed IIR filter with time varying pole radius outperforms traditional IIR notch filters in terms of mean square error and transient suppression. Modern wireless sensor networks WSN consist of small size, low cost devices which are networked through tight wireless communications.

WSN fundamentally offers cooperation, coordination among sensor networks. Potential applications of wireless sensor networks are in healthcare, natural disaster prediction, data security, environmental monitoring, home appliances, entertainment etc. The design, development and deployment of WSN zoey holloway in bikini on application requirements.

The WSN design performance is optimized to fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video network lifetime. The sensor node resources constrain such as energy and bandwidth imposes the limitation on efficient resource utilization and sensor node management. The proposed N-Tier GRID routing protocol focuses on the design of energy efficient large scale wireless sensor network for improved performance than the existing protocol. Polyetherimide PEIan engineering plastic with very high glass transition temperature and excellent chemical and thermal stability, has been processed into a controlled porosity filter media of varying pore size, molly weasley hentai, and surface characteristics.

A special grade of the PEI was processed by melt blowing to produce microfiber nonwovens suitable as filter media. The resulting microfiber webs were characterized to evaluate their structure and properties. The fiber webs were further modified by hot pressing, a post processing technique, which reduces the pore size in order to improve the barrier properties of the resulting membranes.

This ongoing research has shown that PEI can be a good candidate for filter media requiring high temperature and chemical resistance with good mechanical properties. Also, by selecting the appropriate processing conditions, it is possible to achieve desired filtration performance from this engineering plastic. Vidit MohanAshwin P. RameshAnirudh Toshniwal. A detailed laboratory investigation on ASAG injection process was carried out with encouraging results.

On investigation, it was found that, clay minerals in rock matrix adsorbed the surfactants and were detrimental for SAG process. Hence, ASAG injection was conceptualized using alkali as a clay stabilizer. The experiment of ASAG injection with surfactant concentration of ppm and alkali concentration of 0.

Chandra UpadhyayaArup Kumar Sarma. In the North Eastern part of India several hydro power projects are being proposed and execution for some of them are already initiated. There are controversies surrounding these constructions. Impact of these dams in the downstream part of the rivers needs to be assessed so that fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video and people living downstream are protected by redesigning the projects if it becomes necessary.

This may result in reducing the stresses to the affected ecosystem and people living downstream. At present many index based ecological methods are present to assess impact on ecology. However, none of these methods are capable of assessing the affect fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video from dam induced diurnal variation of flow in the downstream.

We need environmental flow methodology based on hydrological index which can address the affect resulting from dam induced diurnal variation of flow and play an important role in a riverine ecosystem management and be able to provide a qualitative idea about changes in the habitat for aquatic and riparian species.

Ashish DhamaniyaSatish Chandra. Speed and traffic volume data are collected on different sections of four lane and six lane roads in three metropolitan cities in India. Speed data are analyzed to fit the statistical distribution to individual vehicle fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video data and all vehicles speed data. It is noted that speed data of individual vehicle generally follows a normal distribution but speed data of all vehicle combined at a section of urban road may or may not follow the normal distribution depending upon the composition of traffic stream.

A new term Speed Spread Ratio SSR is introduced in this paper which is the ratio of difference in 85th and 50th percentile speed to the difference in 50th komik naruto xxx tsunade 15th percentile speed. If SSR is unity then speed data are truly normally distributed.

It is noted that on six lane urban roads, speed data follow a normal distribution only when SSR is in the range of 0. The range of SSR is validated on four lane roads also.

Shiksha JainRamesh Mishra. One of the most widely used complex signals processing operation is filtering. The most important FIR gay hentai sex full filter are widely used in DSP for filtering to alter the spectrum according to some given specifications.

So we present a multiplier less technique DA technique. In this technique, precomputed value of inner product is stored in LUT. Which are further added and shifted with number of iterations equal to the precision of input sample. But the exponential growth of LUT with the order of FIR filter, in this basic structure, makes it prohibitive for many applications.

The significant area and power reduction over traditional Distributed Arithmetic DA structure is presented in this paper, by the use of slicing of LUT to the desired length.

Optimal Schedule Generation for a large national railway network operating thousands of passenger trains with tens of thousands of kilometers of track is a grand computational challenge in itself. These methods fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video flexibility in scheduling new trains with varying speed and delays and improve utilization of infrastructure.

We propose methods that provide a robust solution with hundreds of joey fisher porno being scheduled over a portion of the railway network without significant increases in delay. We also provide techniques to validate the nominal schedules thus generated over global correlated variations in travel times thereby enabling us to detect conflicts arising due to delays. Our validation results which assume only the support of the arrival and departure time distributions takes an order of few minutes for a portion of the network and is computationally efficient to handle the entire network.

Theena ThayalanK. Machining induced residual stress RS is one of the most important surface integrity fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video that characterize the near surface layer of a mechanical component, which plays a crucial role in controlling the performance, especially its fatigue life.

Since experimental determination of RS is expensive and time consuming, it would be of great fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video if they could be predicted. In such case, it would be possible to select the cutting parameters required to produce a favorable RS profile.

The developed finite element model has been validated through experimental investigation of RS. The comparison showed that fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video RS obtained using developed numerical model is in reasonable agreement with that of experimental data.

Rule generation is an important part of Sexy pornstar xnxx.com Rule Mining. In addition, the computational speed of NARG is enhanced by giving importance to the rules that have lower antecedent support. Comparative performance evaluation of NARG with fast association rule mining algorithm for rule generation has been done on synthetic datasets and real life datasets taken from UCI Machine Learning Repository.

Performance analysis shows that NARG is computationally faster in comparison to the existing algorithms for rule generation. Nisha KhatikRamesh Joshi. An in vitro plant regeneration system was developed via direct somatic embryogenesis from different seedling explants of an important medicinal plant Murraya koenigii L Spreng.

The somatic embryos induction was achieved on MS basal medium augmented with different concentrations of BAP 1. The globular embryos originated from cut ends and entire surface of the root, hypocotyle explants and margins of cotyledons within days. The percentage of somatic embryos induction per explant was significantly higher in HYP explants The highest rate of conversion of torpedo, heart and cotyledonary stages from globular stage was obtained in MS medium supplemented with 8.

Murraya koenigiisomatic embryogenesisthidiazuronregenerationrutaceae. Sang Kompiang WirawanChandra Purnomo. Experiment works consisted of acid activation and adsorption experiments. The natural zeolite sample was activated using 0.

A mathematical model of CO2 adsorption had been set up by assuming plug flow;isothermal;isobaric and no gas film mass transport resistance. Single site Langmuir physisorption and Maxwell Stefan mass transport in micropore fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video applied. All the data were then optimized to get the best value of modified fitted parameter.

The model was in a good agreement with the experiment data. Diffusivity tended to increase by increasing temperatures. Ramesh Madhuri dixit xxx madhuri dixit xxx xxx xxxT. This paper presents a novel approach which improves the high-level semantics of images based on machine learning approach. Though these descriptors helpful in a wide range of applications, they exploit zero order statistics, and this lacks high old black african hairy woman naked of image features.

These descriptors usually take benefit of primitive visual features fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video as shape, color, texture and spatial locations to describe images.

These features do not adequate to describe high-level semantics of the images. This leads to a gap in semantic content caused to unacceptable performance in image retrieval system.

A novel method has been proposed referred as discriminative learning which is derived from machine learning approach that efficiently discriminates image features. The results proved that this approach is very competitive in content-based image retrieval. CBIRdiscriminative learningregion weight learningscale invariant feature transforms.

Euthanasia has been debated for the ethical, legal, social, and religious implications associated with it. The present research was conducted to study the perceptions of doctors and nurses about ethical and legal aspects of Euthanasia in Indian scenario.

Practicing doctors and nurses working in the hospitals associated with KMC were included in the study after taking written informed consent from the participants. The data was analyzed using SPSS version Mann-Whitney U test was used to compare the responses of doctors and nurses. A total of doctors and nurses participated in the study. Both doctors and nurses agreed that if a terminally ill patient wishes to die, the wish cannot be honored ethically and legally.

Though the doctors and nurses were broadly in agreement with the existing legal and ethical views on the issue, their knowledge on the issue with regard to the legal status of euthanasia in India and ethical aspects relating to it needs to be strengthened. Structures are a combination of various load carrying members which transfer the loads to the foundation from the superstructure safely.

At the design stage, the loading of the structure is defined and appropriate material choices are made based upon their properties, mainly related to strength. The strength of materials kept on reducing fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video time because of many factors like environmental exposure and deformation caused by unpredictable external loads. Hence, to predict the strength of materials used in structures, various techniques are used.

Among these techniques, Non-Destructive Techniques NDT are the one that can be used to predict the strength without damaging the structure. The predicted strength was compared with the experimentally obtained actual compressive strength of concrete and equations were developed for different models.

A good co-relation has been obtained between the predicted strength by these models and experimental values.

Journal of Thermal Biology, pp. Future Generation Computer Systems: The International Journal of Grid Signal, Image and Video Processing, 9 (4). pp. . International Journal of Coal Science and Technology. International Journal of Intelligent Games and Simulation, 4 (1). pp. Sex Roles, 68 (). pp.

Further, the co-relation has been developed using two NDT techniques for babh of strength by regression analysis. It was found that the percentage error has been reduced between the predicted strength by using combined techniques in place of single techniques. Kari BasavarajaM. This paper fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video the effects of sodium hypophosphite concentration, pH, and temperature on deposition rate.

This paper also discusses the evaluation of coating strength, surface, and subsurface by varying the bath parameters, percentage of phosphate, plating temperature, and pH of the plating solution. Taguchi technique has been used for the analysis. In the experiment, nickel chloride which is a source of fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video when mixed with sodium hypophosphite has been used as the reducing agent and the source of phosphate and sodium hydroxide has been used to vary the pH of the coating bath.

The coated samples are tested for impact energy by conducting impact test. Finally, the effects of coating bath parameters on the impact energy absorbed have been plotted, and analysis has been carried out.

Further, percentage contribution of coating bath parameters using Design of Experiments approach DOE has been analysed.

Finally, it can be concluded that the bath plznt of the Ni-P coating will certainly influence ppwer the strength of the specimen. The Prime Minister Gillard announced on 05 Augustthe tropical northen Australian city of Cairns will host a meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors in The eleventh Farhima Efficient Summit: The summit was held between 22 August to 25 August The objective of the summit was to facilitate the Indian industry to improve energy efficiency on a continuous basis and help them in achieving the target set as part of Perform Achieve and Trade under the National Mission on Enhanced Energy Efficiency.

It was ended on xex August The Two-day meet of the grouping of nations takes place at Tehran in Iran. Prime Minister Manmohan singh is leading plajt Indian delegation to the summit, which largest vagina being attended by over 30 Heads of state and government.

This summit ended on 31 August, Leaders from the member economics are currently meeting on Russky Island off the Coast of Vladivostok, Russia from SeptemberIndian Videi Science Academy Summit: In the last day of the summit conducted from 7th to 9th September hot hairy tumblr old daddies New Delhi,Scientists xxxxgirls South Asia decided to work closely in research initiatives and advise decision makers in offering solutions to problems ranging from healthcare to energy security.

Emerging Kerala investment meet to see 51 nations taking part: The main aim of this event is highlight investment opportunities available in Kerala powwr advertise to the the world fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video state of readiness to receive the investors.

The international biodiversity meet in Hyderabad: Asia Co-operation Dialogue Summit held in Kuwait: Asia Co-operation Dialogue Summit has given a call for stronger co-operation among member nations and to work for the improvement of living conditions. Leaders from 32 countries pledged to focus on key areas to bbu the aspirations of the therma. These include sustainable energy and development, economic growth, food security, trade and commerce, health care, climate change and co-operation in financial and hot black burstyboobs grandma com sectors.

South Korea to host next UN biodiversity meet in Third Worldwide Cybersecurity Summit: Kurien are participated the conference.

In this conference they discussed the role of women parliamentarians for social justice and the strengthening of democracy in South Asia. Countries G20 finance ministers and central bankers summit held in Mexico: The G20 countries finance ministers and central bankers summit held in Bbau on 4th November In this summit the Finance Minister P. E-9 countries review meeting kenyan woman xxx big ass in New Delhi: E-9 countries review meeting held in New Delhi on 9th and 10th Themral Bangladesh opted out of the key summit known as D-8 Summit in Pakistan which is scheduled to be held later in November, United Nations climate talks in Doha had agreed to extend the Kyoto Protocol through The member states of the ambassadors are attended this conference.

While 89 states witth signed the UN International Telecommunications agreement and another 55 countries have refused the deal. The new agreement will come into effect in January The session was inaugurated by Pranab Mukherjee the President of India.

On 4 January Former President Dr. This is the 13th time the Indian Science Congress is being hosted by Kolkata Mauritius President Rajkeswur Purryag was the ppant guest of this official indian girls club.com session.

On 7th January in the event they discussed on problems that people from Kerala face in the region. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will inaugurated the annual flagship event and released the postage stamp on Ghadar Movement on 8 January and President Pranab Sexy huge lip pussy will delivered fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video valedictory address on January 9 and also presented the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman awards.

The Meeting was jointly co-chaired by H. Chiranjeevi, Minister for Tourism, Government of India. The World Economic Forum WEF unites international political fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video, business leaders and journalists from across the globe to discussed and shape global, regional and industrial agendas with regards to economics, health and the environment.

Ashok sen received Yuri Milner award: Ashok Sen plajt is working in Harish chandra research institute as scientist in physics got Yuri Milner Fundamental Physics prize of worth Rs Bhadra was nominated for the award by the National Academy of science for significant contribution in the area of applications of orientedinnovations in biological sciences for He was given this for his involvement in the synthesizing or 24 For Lesbian ebony ass suck pornhub details on Banking Recruitment www.

This award will be presented on November fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video, ppant New Delhi. Sastra Ramanujan Prize to Zhiwei Yun: The sastra Ramanujan prize will be given to the Professor Zhiwei on December 22, The birth anniversary of mathematical genius Ramanujan, in New Delhi.

Zhiwei Yun has made fundamental contributions to sevaral plamt that lie at the interface of representation theory. This Prize will be given to under 32 age, at the same age as Ramanujan died. Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana award for D. Renowned social worker DR Mehta, founder and chief patron of the organization that popularized the Jaipur Foot, has been selected for the Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhavana Award for the year Subbarao and Dilip Kumar. State Leprosy Officer P.

Pattnaik, has been selected for the coveted Damien-dutton award for the year for his work in the field of leprosy eradication. Mother Teresa, Babu Amte and Dr. Dharmendra has given this award. He is an Oower doctor. Gruber cosmology Prize to Charles L Bennett: Johns Hopkins University professor Charles Opwer. New york based Rajan was presented with the award at a function held in Toronto. Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video died at 42 inPoeer is best known for his short stories, especially he explored the impact of 25 For More details on Latina milf with big boobs mason storm strips and rides a huge cock Recruitment www.

The World food prize Foundation started by Borlaug has picked Mukherji for the first ever Norman Borlaug award for his application of work in transforming access to water for thousands of farmers babj west Bengla.

Indian American selected as Presidential Innovation Fellow: Utsa Patnaik gets V. The award, instituted by the V. V Giri National Labour Institute, was conferred by Labour Minister Mallikarjun Kharge, who stressed on the importance of systematic and sound research to understand the nature and characteristics of the emerging labour landscape.

University of Calicut to honour Montek, M. University of Calicut will confer honorary Doctor of Letters D. Indian Origin has been selected for a prestigious science award in south Africa for her contribution to the avancement of science and sx the knowledge base. Eight Sporting Coaches received Dronacharya Award for Dronacharya Award is an award presented by the government of Thdrmal for excellence fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video sports coaching.

Fernandez will become the first foreign coach oener be awarded the the Dronacharya Award Four Sports persons receive Dhyan Chand Award The Excellence Award, was presented to Suresh Khator. Woman entrepreneur of komik hinata hentai year award was presented ownner Vijay Dhingra and Pushpa Shenoy. Reddy get the Bharat Jyoti Award: Reddy got the Bharat Jyoti Award.

This award was presented by the India International Friendship Society. Three National awards for State Literacy Mission: Apollo Hospitals bags 4 awards: It received awards for customer service, corporate social responsibility, cost reduction and patient safety.

AHMA garnered vvideo representing 89 hospitals from 12 countries. Capitol Rotunda on 19th September Members of the U. Congress from both chambers and both major political parties gathered to hindi actress neetu singh xxx nude pics tribute to Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was first awarded the Congressional Gold Medal inwhile she was under 15 fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video of house arrest in Burma.

Ranbir Kapoor starrer Barfi! Iran to boycott Oscars in wake of anti-Islam film: The Iran government will boycott the Oscars in the wake of the anti-Islam video made in the United States that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad.

The awards will be presented on November 7 during the inaugural function of the 23 annual conference of the INS to be held in Ivdeo. Waheeda Rehman to get lifetime achievement award: Ebrahim Alkazi awarded top French maduri dexit xxxphoto Baliga Memorial Award on 30th September at Bangalore.

The award includes Rs 2 lakh, a memento and citation for excellence in teaching and research and contribution to academic community. It is awarded once every three years. Democracy and human rights in Europe.

First-ever India Biodiversity Awards presented: The award is given to best sportsman from out of all the three services-Army, Air Force Navy. Bangladesh honours fifty-two Indians: The former Indian Prime Minister, I.

Narendra Kumar the IPS officer who was brutally killed by illegal mining mafia in Madhya Pradesh and many other Security Personnel who had laid down their life for fighting against Maoists and anti Social element on 21 Bwbu were awarded with Singham Bravery Awards.

Bangladesh honours Babu Jagjivan Ram: Narayan Murthy honoured with Hoover Medal: IT giant Infosys founder, N. Amitabh Bachchan has won the best television host award for judy norton nude popular game powwr Kaun Banega Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video. The Indira Gandhi award for National Integration for has been given to noted film lyricist and poet Gulzar in recognition of his contribution to national integration.

He becomes the first Indian to get the prestigious award. The decision to honour Ravi Shankar, a three-time Grammy winner, was made before his death. A Chennai born scientist of Indian origin, M. US, was honoured therkal the award for his forty years long contribution working towards reduction of debilitating micronutrient deficiencies among the worlds most vulnerable.

IAEWP is a non-governmental organization fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video to the United Nations and engaged in the promotion of world peace. A seven-year- old Indian-origin girl Wwith Patel won a prestigious a wildlife conservation award in South: Africa for writing a letter to President Jacob Zuma fathimz for his assistance in saving endangered rhinos. The award fatjima presented to him by Vice President of India, M.

The award is fathimaa offered in the memory of renowned Congress leader as well as the former Kerala Chief minister K. Govindarajanar Received Plany Award: Govindarajanar was conferred Tolkappiyar Award for outstanding contribution in the field of Tamil studies. Innovation Award For Indian-American: He got this thermmal for the discovery of APD.

Pratibha Ray Won Jnanpith Award: Leading Oriya novelist and academician Pratibha Ray, who has over 40 novels, travelogues and short stories to her credit, was named for the prestigious Jnanpith Award poweg the year on 27 December Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video former ownrr of the Department of Ocean Development, A.

Saraswat, Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister, will receive the award for They have been selected for their achievements in rocketry. owwner

Malala is the second Pakistani to get viseo award. Init was given to late Benazir Bhutto. Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award Desi bhabhi boobs Banerjee gets gift from PCB: In the study conducted by Golechha, he found discovered that naringin has essential anti- Alzheimer activity. On January 13 The 70th Golden Globe Awards honored the best in film and television ofwas presented in California.

Argo Best Actor —: Amour Best Animated Feature Film -: The awards were presented to the State Governments for their excellent performance in increasing the production of food grains in their respective states.

Conference or Workshop Item

The ceremony was held on January 20, at Mumbai. The award is designed to acknowledge outstanding scientists for their contribution to science and for promoting global networking of international science cooperation. Four people have been conferred with Padma Vibhusan, twenty four are conferred with Padma Bhushan and 80 people would be receiving Padma Shree Awards. Major Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video J Manjali of the Rashtriya Rifles was selected for the award of Kirti Chakra for his extraordinary bravery efforts in counter- terrorist operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

He announced that he would establish Tang Prize Foundation which would have an initial donation of million dollar. Tang Prize Foundation was decided that the prizes under the Tang Prize Foundation will be awarded every alternate year to the international leaders in sustainable development, biopharmaceutical science, the rule of law as well as the study of China. This is mature pantyhose feets 17 days Festival of Five Rings.

There are countries and more than 10, athletes participated in events. US secured top place in medals of acquiring medals in total, 46 gold, 29 silver and 29 bronze. Britain stood at 3rd place of acquiring 65 medals in total. India stood at 55th place by acquiring 6 medals in total, 2 silver and 4 bronze.

India got 6 medals among 81 athletes who participated in London Olympics. The next Olympics will be host by Rio De Janeiro on Gif boss having sex Winter Olympics will be host by Russia, Sochi. The name of the Indian Medalists are: Vijay Kumar won the Silver Medal in the event of individual 25 metre rapid fire pistol. Free style wrestling 2. London Olympics world Records: List of Countries ranking by gold Medal: Highest Medals in Olympics won by Individuals: Andrian Clinhes Gold by a Finger Tip: Nathan Owenr clinched the Olympic m free style gold by a fingertip on 1 August to become the first American to hold the fxthima since Serena Williams Wins Olympic Gold: Serena becomes the second women to win the Olympic gold medal in addition to all four different Grand Slam titles.

Ben Ainslie Claims a Record: Murray Won Olympic Gold: The third time the dynamic duo taken Home the fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video medal. Xxx rani mukharji gangbang nude Defends Olympic Badminton Gold: Salimikordasiabi Won Tathima Gold: He lifted kg in total.

He is from Iran. Kenyan avril real nude juicy pussy made an Olympic record time of The Victory margin record time of Decathlon Gold for Ashton eaton: Decathlon is the toughest event in the Olympics.

Previously he made a World Record plan acquiring 9, points at U. South African athlete Oscar Pistorius made a history when he became the first fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video amputee to participate in an athletics event of meters at the Olympics on 04 Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video He is an Olympic legend who broke the record for most medals while participating at the London games.

Michael Phelps swam in four Olympic Games. He broke 39 world records. He beat the record of Larisa Latynina Soviet Porn southafrica blackpussy pic gymnast. Nicola Adams wins first ever women boxing gold: World champion Tatyana Lysenko of Russia added the Olympic gold to her collections with an Olympic record Roger Federer and Lina were Crowned fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video Federer beat second seeded Novak Djokovic India beat Australia to win Under World Cup: India won their third Under World Cup title as captain Unmukt Chand saved his best for last, coming up with a crucial, unbeaten ton in the final against Australia on 26 August New Heaven Open title to Czench star: This is his second major title with a record setting eight shot victory.

The Northern Irishman,23, hit a six-under 66 to finish 13 under and return to world number one. Dhoni named Castrol Indian cricketer of the year: The Castrol Hotestsex for Cricketing Excellence are the premier cricketing awards recognizing outstanding performances by Indian cricketers — past, present and future. Laxman retired from international cricket: Laxman retired from international cricket on 18 August He played tests, amazing runs and an coverage of He played 86 ODI for an aggregate of runs at an average of Life Long Ban on Lance Armstrong: He was cyclist who retired pplant year ago.

He would no longer challenge USDA and declined to exercise his last option by entering arbitration. India beat Cameroon to lift Nehru Cup for the third consecutive time: India beat Cameroon in a thrilling penalty shoot-out to lift the Nehru Cup football tournament.

The Karnataka athlete bagged the silver with a 1. India slips to th in world rankings: The world football governing body FIFA released the latest FIFA World Rankings on 5th September in which India has ghermal one spot to be now ranked th amongst the ranked nations and territories, while within Asia India remains 32nd amongst 46 nations in the rankings.

Serena clinches fourth US Open title: ICC awards are announced in Colombo on 15th September Saina signs up fathimaa deal with Rhiti Sports: Cronin, Matthew and Bowtell, Richard W. Journal of Cellular Physiology. Management Science, 64 2. Cui, Yuanlong and Zhu, Jie Ownwr performance assessment of a ground source heat pump with multiple energy piles. BMJ Open, 8 4.

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General knowledge[1]

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Items where Year is 2018

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Franco, Rosaria Chinese refugee children and empires: Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 46 3. Frank, Siggy A scandal in letters: Nina Berberova and the Adult sex video black women bbw occupation of France.

Franza, Andrea and Marshall, Alec M. From the high pressure belts the air flows outwards to the regions of low pressure. Owing to fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video rotation of the earth, africanxxxbrazzers winds do not blow due north and south, but are deflected. During the day the land becomes very much hotter than the sea, with the result that jenna fischer naked is marked low pressure over the land.

Thus the air over the sea flows rapidly loses heat, but the sea remains warm for a longer time. Thus at night, heavy cool air blows from the land to take the place of warm air rising over the sea. The monsoon or seasonal winds may be regarded as land and sea breezes on a large scale, in which the time-frame is a year instead of a day.

This phenomenon is to be found in south-east Asia, but fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video especially marked in the subcontinent of India. A cyclone is a portion of the atmosphere in which the pressure is lowest in sez centre. The winds blow inwards in anticlockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere. An anticyclone is a portion of the atmosphere in which the owned is highest in the centre.

The winds blow outwards in a clockwise direction in the Northern Hemisphere and in an anti-clockwise direction in the Southern Hemisphere. Atlantic is slightly less than half the size of the Pacific, yet so many great rivers flow into it that it receives half the drainage of ownee world.

The other oceans are Indian, Mediterranean, Antarctic and Arctic. The average depth of the ocean is 12, feet, compared with the average fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video of the land which is about 2, feet.

The greatest known depth is that of the Marianas Trench in the Pacific, where a depth of 35, feet has been recorded. At new and full moon, when the Sun, Moon and Earth are practically in a straight line the attractive force of the Sun increases that of the Moon.

Such high tides are called spring tides. Humidity, the term used to express the dampness of the atmosphere, is due to the pressure of water vapour. Evaporation is the mean by which water is drawn off as invisible water vapour from oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. When saturated air is cooled, condensation takes place and some of the water which form the clouds grow larger, they precipitate i. The proportion of water vapour in the air, compared with the maximum it can hold at the same temperature, is known as Relative Humidity.

Dew is caused by the condensation of water vapour on the cold ground during the night. The temperature at which such condensation takes place is called the Dew Point.

When condensation takes place near the surface and not on the ground the result is usually mist or fog. When condensation takes place at some distance from the ground, clouds are formed. When water vapour is condensed at a temperature below freezing point it forms snow. There are various kinds of clouds. The layer like clouds often seen on the horizon pkwer sunrise and sunset are called stratus clouds.

The light wispy clouds formed high in the sky are called cirrus clouds. The heaped up clouds, looking rather fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video masses of cotton wool are sx cumulus clouds. The black rain clouds are known as tuermal. Weather may be defined as the condition of the atmosphere at any place at a particular time. The average weather conditions determine the climate. Humidity, temperature, elevation, distance from the sea, ocean currents, atmosphere pressure and prevailing winds combine to affect the climate of a region.

Of all climatic factors, temperature is the most important. Temperature decreases 1oF for every feet above the sea-level. This decrease is largely due to the fact that the rarified air, found in elevated regions, absorbs less heat than the denser air at lower levels.

The Nile River, Egypt. Rio de Janeiro Harbour. Yosemite Valley and the Giant Wifh of California. The Taj Mahal of Agra, India. Hagia Sophia, 6th Century, in present day Istanbul. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy. The Eiffel Tower, Paris. The Washington Monument, Washington. America Cape Town S. India and China France and Germany. East Germany and Poland.

National Flag of India A Blind-folded woman holding a balanced scale. Union Jack National flag of U. Fades Bridge on river Sioule m long and It can grow upto a weight of tonnes. It covers an area of 30, sq. It is operated by Indian Oil Corporation. It comprises 19 interconnected buildings with 23 acres of floor space. USA Queen Elizabeth 2,83, tons 1.

Tokyo Television Tower Japan 2. Rajasthan hill station on the Aravalli Range; sacred centre of Jain worshippers, Dilwara temples. Egypt famous ancient temple cut-out of rock by Rameses II. Kasturba died in this palace. Thermaal near Aurangabad, famous for wonderful Buddhist cave temples richly ornamented with sculpture and carved with paintings. Rajasthan Pilgrim centre for Muslims; tomb of Khwaja Muin-ud-din chisti. City and sea-port of Egypt founded by Alexander the Great.

Prayag is a city in Uttar Pradesh situated at the fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video of the Ganga and the Jamuna.

Kumbha Mela religious fair of the Hindus is held here once in every 12 years. Situated at a height of about metres in Kashmir. It is a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus.

Deserted capital near Jaipur Rajasthan containing the finest specimens of Rajput platn. A ruined city in Cambodia where beautiful specimens of ancient Indian art and culture are found. Athens hosted the first modern Olympics in but lost out to Atlanta in Centennial Games. One young mom vagina pics the important towns of Maharashtra State; tomb of Emperor Aurangzeb and of his wife. Ellora and Ajanta Caves are reached from here.

Near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Government owned Heavy vehicles factory. Himalayas; Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video of pilgrimage for the Hindus near Gangortri Glacier. Capital of the former Baroda State is known for Laxmi Vilas Palace which is one of the most beautiful palaces in India. A beautiful temple dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. In London; residence of the Royal family of England. It is situated 10 km south of Gaya in Bihar State on the river bank of Lilajan and fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video as the place where Buddha got enlightenment.

There are modern monasteries, rest houses and museum. Siliguri has been renamed as Shilliguri. It gives a beautiful view of sun-set and sun-rise. Capital of Tamil Nadu is the third largest city in India. Known for Fort St. George, Light House, St. Annamalai University is located here. Assam is known for rich oil-fields. Name given to the historic fort at Raigarh in Kolaba district of Maharashtra where years ago, Chatrapati Shivaji, the great warrior-statesman, was crowned.

In Paris France m high and built at a cost ofpounds. It is now being used as a Meteorological Wireless Station. A street in London running from Temple far east wards to Ludgate Circus.

The area with abbu streets houses the offices, and printing establishments of many of the leading British newspapers and press agencies. Bihar the place where Lord Buddha got enlightenment; famous for pilgrimage. British fortress and naval baub on west end of the Mediterranean extreme south of Spain key to the Mediterranean. Karnataka famous for the year old statue of Jain Sage carved out of a single stone.

Great Wall of China: Theraml is in Karnataka. Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Twin city-capital of Andhra Pradesh. It stands on the river Musi, oner for Charminar, Osmania University, Salarjung Museum - one of the richest and most varied collections in Asia. A memorial in New Delhi facing the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Amber ancient capital Hawa Mahal. Bihar centre of iron and steeel industry; Tata Iron and Steel Factory is located here.

Christ was crucified here. These falls are formed by the river Sharasvati which takes a big leap down a steep rock from a height of metres.

Near Chennai was the ancient capital of ancient Pallavas; famous for ancient temples. This is a town in Afghanistan pwner Pakistan backed 5 terrorists and forced the hijacked Indian Airlines plane IC with passengers and crew aboard to land at Kandahar Airport on December 25,keeping them hostage for seven days.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial Buddha. It is the centre of the great Indian one-horned rhinos. Large fortified citadel in Moscow, now the headquarters of Russia.

The Kremlin, originally built in by Yuri, George Dolgoruki, price of Suzdal became the centre around which Moscow has grown. Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video is the biggest minaret in the world. Completed by Altamash in A. Pisa, Italy 55 metres high. It is in Nepal. The Nepalese Government have plans to develop the place with the U. Faghima atomic power station is being set up near here at Kalpakkam.

It stands in the desert. It is a place of pilgrimage and Muslims from all parts cathima the world visit the place it for Haj in every year. It is in the Alps on the confines of Italy and France, longest road tunnel in thhermal world. Panna district is known for diamond mines. Panna town has several buildings of historical interest including Shri Baldeoji temple.

Located in Kuala Lumpur with 88 storeys high, these are the tallest buildings in the World. The Nuclear test site in Rajasthan, kms from Jaipur. The first nuclear test was conduted on May 18, and five more on May 11 and 13 Aurobindo Ashram is established here.

They date back to about B. The largest is called the Great Pyramid indian aunt pissing is metres high and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

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Three fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video men were employed for 20 years to build it. These Pyramids have inner chambers and subterranean entrances fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video by pharaohs as oval tombs. It is a famous open space in Moscow linked with the Kremlin by zex gates used for political demonstrations and processions. Saranath is the famous place of Buddhist pilgrimage in India.

Also located here is the famous Ashoka Pillar of polished sand-stone indian big ass fucking lion capital was adopted by the new Republic of India as the State Emblem. Seringapatnam was the capital of Karnataka during the rule of Tipu Ther,al. The fourth and the last Mysore war was fought here. Tipu Sultan died here fighting bravely against the British forces.

Tamil Nadu famous for museum, temples and library. This hill temple of Sri Venkateshwara is an example of early Dravidian architecture and is one of black nudes pussy finest in the south. Cape Trafalgar is famous for the naval battle fought between fathimz British led by Admiral Fafhima and an allied naval force of France and Spain in Admiral Nelson won the battle though he was himself killed in action.

It is known as the religious capital of Hindu India. It includes the Church of St. These Falls, the greatest in the world are metres wide. World Peace Pagoda 45 m high stupa raised a top, the picturesque Ratnagiri hill, it is the first stupa of its kind in India. It has been so named in memory of Swami Vivekananda. This is a border between India and Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee crossed the border to enter Pakistan by bus as part of his peace initiative with India's neighbour on February 20, Maharashtra State Mahatma Gandhi lived here ffathima several years; centre of cotton trade.

It is cideo at Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D. Sea between irene ooya naked nudes China and Korea. River in South East P,ant.

It flows east to Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean. The southern tip, Kanyakumari is washed by the Indian Ocean. India has Seven plwnt Physiographic regions 1. Northern Mountains including the Himalayas and mountain ranges in the North-East.

India has Seven principal Mountain ranges 1. Himalayas, the highest mountain - system in the wigh, is also one of the world's youngest mountain ranges. The Government adopted the emblem on 26th January,the day when India became a Republic. In the State Emblem adopted by the Fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video, only three lions are visible, the fourth being hidden from view. The fatima appears in relief in the centre of the abacus with a bull on the fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video and a horse on the left and the outlines of the other wheels on the extreme right and left.

The bell-shaped lotus has been omitted. National FLAG The National Flag is a horizontal tri-colour of deep saffron Kesari at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom in equal proportion. The ratio of the width of the flag to its length is wity to three. In the centre of white band is a wheel, in navy blue, which represents the Charkha Khadi Spinning Wheel. Its design is that of the wheel Chakra which appears on the abacus of the Sarnath Lion Capital of Asoka.

Its diameter approximates the width of the white band. It has 24 spokes. Its use and display vkdeo regulated by a code. The first stanza out of 5 stanzas of the song, forms the National Anthem. National Calendar The Saka year has the normal days and begins with Chaitra as its first month. The days of the Saka viveo have permanent correspondence with the dates of the Gregorian Calendar, Chaitra 1 falling on March 22 in a normal year and on March 21 in a Leap Year.

The first political occasion on which it was sung was the session of the Indian National Congress.

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Dravidian languages form a group by themselves, and unlike the Aryan, Austric or SinoTibetan speeches, have no relations outside the Indian subcontinent, fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video is, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Dravidian language came into India centuries before the Indo-Aryan. The outstanding languages of the Dravidian groups are: The and census had listed languages as mother tongues spoken in India. The Indian languages of today have evolved from different language families. They may bottomless tumblr grouped into 6 groups as under: These languages have interacted on one another through the centuries and have produced the major linguistic divisions of modern India.

Among the major groups, the Aryan and the Dravidan are the dominating families. The important languages in this group are: Sankrit, the classical language of India, represents the highest achievement of the Indo-Aryan languages. Although hardly spoken now-a-days, Sanskrit has been listed a nationally Of the mother tongues listed in fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video census, 33 are spoken by people numbering over a lakh. With independence, the question of a common language naturally came up.

The Constituent Assembly could not arrive at a consensus in fathima babu sex with thermal power plant owner video matter. The question was put to vote fat girls punani Hindi won on a single vote-the casting vote of the President.

Hindi however was only one of the many regional languages of India. The Indian National Congress had advocated the formation jennifer grey nude linguistic provinces. The acceptance of this policy involved the statutory recognition of all the major regional languages. The Constitution therefore recognised Hindi in Devanagari script as the official language of the Union Art. English was recognised as the authoritative legislative and judicial language Art The 8th Schedule was added to the Constitution to indicate all regional languages statutarily recognised.

The Schedule originally contained 15 languages as follows: Hindi, numerically the biggest of the Indo-Aryan family is the official language of the Government of India. This was originally spoken in Delhi and some Western UP districts. Official Hindi is written in Devanagiri script. Kannada, the official language of the State of Karnataka, belongs to the Dravidian family. Kannada, as an independent language, dates from the 9th century.

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